PDR Training | SAI Paintless Dent Repair Training School

Certified PDR Course Options

For individuals, dealers, bodyshops & wash/detail centers

1 Week Certified PDR Course

Best for those in related fields (autobody/detail etc.)

Intense 40 hour Hands on instruction

SAI Prertraining program a must prior to the one week course for maximum achievement

2 Week Certified PDR Course

Total Access Training on all vehicle types

Allows for time to practice difficult techniques (creases/bodylines)

Extra time spent refining advanced skills and vehicle training

4 Week Certified PDR Course

Manufacturer based training

For the person who wants to return ready for battle

Go to a dealer and learn marketing and account opening/service strategies

Ample hands on vehicle training for a real world experience

PDR Tools / Equipment

SAI is the only PDR School that truly manufactures PDR Tools in-house, saving you money and giving you wholesale pricing, cutting your initial costs in learning PDR.

Turnkey PDR Tool systems

20-75pc options

PDR Gluepulling Kits

Mild to Wild

< dent removal tools

PDR lighting systems

Suction cup lights to LED Boom systems

PDR Tools

PDR Accessories

PDR Essentials

pdr equipment

SAI Pretraining Program/Kit

A must to speed your training

pdr tool sets

Large Dent Repair Systems

SAI Dent Hammer Tool and more

SAI PDR Training Locations

Train close to home or Mobile Training to you also available.

  • Laguna Hills, California

    Serving nearby areas including

    Northern and Southern California, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado

  • Dallas, Texas

    Serving nearby areas including

    Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Oklahoma

  • Orlando, Florida

    Serving surrounding areas including

    Miami, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana

  • Dayton, Ohio

    Serving surrounding areas including

    Kentucky, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan.

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